Helping people across Tennessee defend themselves for exercising their right to speak.

The Law Office of Daniel A. Horwitz is proud of its proven record of success helping clients protect their rights, their assets, and their peace of mind by providing an aggressive and thorough legal defense in defamation, libel, slander, false light, and other speech-based lawsuits across Tennessee.

If you have been sued for exercising your right to free speech, you have options. Purchase a consultation today.

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Our Services

Defamation and Speech Defense

Most defamation and other speech-based lawsuits are flagrantly meritless. If you have been sued for defamation, we can help.

Anti-SLAPP (Tennessee Public Participation Act) Defense

The Tennessee Public Participation Act enables people who have been sued for exercising their First Amendment rights to get lawsuits dismissed quickly and make the people who sued them pay.

Cease and Desist Response

If someone has threatened you with a baseless lawsuit or demanded that you retract your protected speech, we can help protect you.